This protocol is used for all kinds of dynamic architectural lighting and is the perfect solution for RGB light scenes. It has a high data transmission speed (250000 baud) and can control 512 independent channels. Diamante’s appliances are compatible with RDM protocol, with bi-directional communication on the DMX-512A line for diagnostics and remote addressing. As a general rule, every line can accept 25 units at maximum; DMX-512A splitter is needed to extend line capacity. The cable used is a shielded, twisted pair cable; Ethernet (Cat.6 STP) cables can be used as well. Signal is polarized.


It is Diamante Lighting proprietary protocol used for dynamic architectural lighting in large set-ups for precise control of fixtures or fixtures parts. High speed data transfer, allowing to drive 40 m of Riga, Rigo, Filo, Segno or Intensa fixtures, with 25 cm control pitch at 50 packets per second. It features self addressing, making installation and maintenance easy: fixtures are identified by their position and no addresses, IDs discoveries must be done. On large set ups a standard controller with ArtNet output can be used, allowing a wide choice among professional large scale control systems.