Elle 40

Surface-mounted, adjustable projectors for accent, grazing and wall washing illumination, featuring high power LEDs. Five highprecision beam angles. Wide choice of outputs, colour temperatures, colour-mixings, optics and control systems to enhance volumes and details. Easy to position, installation-friendly. Precise aiming devices. Installation-friendly. Power supply on board. Control through DMX–RDM.

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  • Elle 40

Elle 40

IP rating
66 and 67
IK rating
Source type
high power LED
Source life time
>100 000hrs L70 B10 at 77°F ambient temperature
Source flux
10.3 klm
Source efficiency
133 lm/W
Delivered flux
7840 lm
Delivered efficiency
94.3 lm/W
Input power
83 W
Power supply
power supply unit on board
Management interface
On/off, DMX-512A and RDM-compatible, DALI-compatible
Light colour/CCT
2200 K, 3000 K, 4000 K, 6000 K, RGBW
Beam angles
8°, 35°, 50°, 45°x8°, 8°x45°, 75°x40°, 40°x75°, 100°, asymmetrical wide
Temperature limits
Operating temperature: from -22°F to +122°F
Storage temperature: from -58°F to +176°F
extruded aluminium alloy, UV-protected Polycarbonate front cover, nickel-plated brass gland connector, pressure compensation valve

On/Off: power supply cable, length 3112 in (0.8 m)
DMX: power supply cable, length 3112 in (0.8 m) and signal cable length 3112 in (0.8 m) shielded
DALI: power supply cable, length 3112 in (0.8 m) and signal cable length 3112 in (0.8 m)

Net weight
11 lb (5 Kg)

Light distribution


Code Power and dimensions Finishing Power Supply and Control Light colour/CCT Optics Download
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