Wall-recessed lightpoint for accent and signal lighting, featuring high power LEDs. Flood and diffused light distribution. Installation-friendly. Remote power supply. Control through remote gear.

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IP rating
66 and 67
IK rating
Source type
high power LED
Source life time
>110 000hrs L70 B10 at 77°F ambient temperature
Source flux
483 lm
Source efficiency
140 lm/W
Delivered flux
407 lm (120° 4000k)
Delivered efficiency
116 lm/W
Input power
3.5 W
Power supply
remote power supply unit, constant voltage
Management interface
DMX-512A and RDM-compatible
Light colour/CCT
2200 K, 3000 K, 4000 K, 6000 K, RGB
Beam angles
120° clear diffuser without optics, 120° opal diffuser
Temperature limits
Operating temperature: from -22°F to +131°F
Storage temperature: from -58°F to +176°F
machine-crafted aluminium alloy, EPDM gasket, UV-protected Polycarbonate front cover, nickel-plated brass gland connector
through-wiring, power supply and signal cable, length 9 2732 ft (3 m) input and 111316 in(0.3m) output, with IP68 4-poles connectors, maximum line 140W or 229 2132 ft(70 m)
Net weight
1.3 lb (0.6 Kg)

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