Dimmer DMX 16CH/OUT CC

It is the optimal solution to handle a group of lighting devices, in  constant voltage mode, through a signal generated by a DMX-512A standard control unit. This enables dimming and/or colour changing, allowing energy saving and generation of pleasant visual effects. This unit has 16 independent units, with common positive/common anode configuration, to control up to 4 RGBW lines, 5 RGB lines or 16 monochromatic lines.



Supply voltage: Dual low voltage SELV power supply input, from 11 VDC to 50 VDC, class III, maximum current 10 A per input
Input power: 3 W (device itself)
Output: 16 output channels; output voltage is input voltage less internal drop (2 V): output regulated to 500 mA
Mounting: DIN rail mount (EN50022) (12 modules)
Protection rating: IP 10
Temperature limits:
working temperature: from 0°C to +35°C
storage temperature: from -50°C to +80°C
Features: Provides modulation of 16 output channels according to digital control of a DMX-512A bus. Output can be constant voltage or constant current. First channel address is set by three rotary dials or by bus. Footprint can be 16 channels or 4, 3, 1 channel.
Construction: Self extinguishing PC/ABS Blend, RAL 7035, compliant with DIN 43880
Weight: 0.50 Kg

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